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  • Unfortunately I am having to pause our classes for a wee while.. working on yoga videos to be released to you all.. you can’t get away that easily!
  • New block if yoga classes starting next week.. get in touch for more info :
  • Remember to pause a bit!!! As Viktor Frankl puts it “ between the stimulus & the response, there is a space, and in that space is your power and your freedom”..
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  • So nice to venture up the storr again this morning!
This block of classes includes making a journey towards #hanumanasana (splits). The pose, it’s modifications and it’s preparations are certainly a good leg stretch , but the philosophy behind the pose is where the real space for growth is!
The pose is named after #hanuman who in Hindu mythology made a giant leap from the south of India to the Himalayas , to fetch a special herb, not knowing which herb to pick, and time was pressing, he bought back the whole mountain, and healed who needed to be healed!
We can over come whatever we need with great reverence and devotion. We can strive beyond the limitations of our thinking mind and physical body.
In times like these there are many parts of the earth that need us to make a great leap with pure devotion to what ever we feel deep in our hearts.
Australia aboriginals also used mythology to make sense of their place here #dreamtime . So I’ve been using my Hanuman stride to tickle #tiddalickthefrog  belly.
Sometimes it just makes more sense to turn of the facts and sit with the myth!

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  • A busy week of classes ahead.. the island is whirling with wind and energy but come and quieten you’re mind : staffin hall 10 -11.30 am and 7-8.30 this evening .

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