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  • When I was walking back from sledging and snow ball fighting with my kids this morning, I was thinking about why it is that I love a snow day so much. I have this feeling that I just want hold on to this sort of day for ever, it firmly routes me in the here and now, it gives me an overwhelming yearning for the present moment. What gives you this feeling? And can we find it in every moment? A yearning to be present. As we know the present moment is where life and therefor love and happiness truly exists! 
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  • These are not yoga photos! I mean they are photos of me one freezing cold morning in our newly decorated lounge (no clutter) trying to get photos of me performing yoga postures for our web site, I was saying to kirsto 'but this isn't yoga, this is just showing what people think yoga should look like'.
I remember what @gemma_skells_yoga taught me in my brief encounter with her, not to go on about what yoga isn't but to share what it is!.
I'm now coming to the end of my first real block of teaching yoga, and that is exactly what I have tried to do. Patanjalis second sutra says" the restraint of the modifications of the mindstuff is yoga" so if you can control the mind into ripples this is yoga. So as a new  teacher this is exactly what I aim to share with my students.So our focus is not to form a perfect shape in a routine or mechanical way, but to feel fully into what the body is experiencing without judgment, to stay with their breath with interest and freshness, to feel part of and supported by the the wonderful universe . When these things are happening the minds chatter does indeed dissolve into ripples and stillness, this may be brief but it can happen during your first class or when you're years into practicing. It can happen standing, sitting, balancing, or upside down, you just need to show up to the mat. The practice is both the route to and the result. So this stillness is available to all!  I still have so much to learn and so much space to grow, love light and thanks to those who have shown up so far and those who have showed interest to practice in the future!
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  • Finding fluidity and connecting to the water element has been the inspiration for this weeks classes. We are made up of all types of fluids blood, lymph, synovial & Loads more, When born we are about 70% fluid ! Through practice and awareness we can keep juicy into our older years..
Move, flow, find your course around obstructions, be still, roar, be ever changing beautiful and free, be water, be as you are, you are all you need, you are whole as you are! .
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  • 'See the sun, see it rising, see it rising, rising in your eyes' Nick Cave. On world mental health day lets take it seriously, we've all had experience of this, let's support each other in the letting go of the attachments to the chatter of our minds, all the emotions, thoughts and feelings, they are not all that make up who we are, we're way more than that, we are nature, we are the sun rise, we're a home to life. Be kind to you and do what make you feel free, be kind to all and help others be free!
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  • 'The miracle of life' was the theme of this weeks classes, based on #vandascaravelli writings. I don't really believe in miracles so I'll go with 'The process of life'. So we are born into a body that is endlessly fascinating, with more than 200 bones 150 joints over 600 muscles, beautiful fascia, trillions of cells and it goes on and on, we really are so amazing!!! Yoga helps us to tune into some of these systems and functions, you don't need to explain them or know what's going on but just to bring awareness to what is already preasent within us all , by taking awareness to the areas and taking conscious control we can release tension and clear channels for healing and revitalising energy to reach all parts of our body. Our mind is of course part of our body so when this life's force charges our body, our mind becomes steady, calm , and free. So draw attention in from the many distractions of our modern world and become fascinated with what you really are, an unfolding process of life!  #yoga #yogateachertraining #yogateacher #scotland #isleofskye #meditation #pratyahara #asana #pranayama #bwy #isleofyoga #yogaretreat #anatomy #awareness #consciousness #yogascotland #skye #skyeyoga

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